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Event Support Request

Small Print

RAYNET UK operators are NOT Marshals or Event Timing Operatives, our primary role is to pass third party messages on behalf of the User Service.

RAYNET UK are governed by OFCOM and we can only pass third party messages on behalf of a User Service.

If you are an event organiser and don't have a User Service, please contact us, as we maybe able to help you.

Please be advised:-

Event Organisers should understand that RAYNET-UK cannot guarantee the security of any of the data transmitted.

RAYNET UK is not exempt from the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Event Organisers should consider the statements above, if your event could involve names, addresses and/or medical information of event participants’.

South Wiltshire RAYNET-UK may decline to offer our services, without providing any reason.

All RAYNET UK members are volunteers and are not contracted to attend any event.

South Wiltshire RAYNET UK may agree to attend the event but are unable to guarantee our attendance, In whole or part.

RAYNET UK can in no way be held accountable for any inconvenience and/or financial loss resulting from our none/partial attendance.



Under OFCOM rules, RAYNET UK is not permitted to charge for our services.

We are permitted to charge for fuel if our vehicles are used in support of the event and also in the absence of mains electrical power, if we deploy generators. 

The event is permitted to make a donation to us.

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