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What is in it for me?


By joining South Wilts RAYNET UK, you will join a group of committed individuals who will mentor you in the wider skills required of a RAYNET UK operator. Suitable training will be offered in various skills.



Is it for me?


Being a member of RAYNET UK is far more than operating radios. We specialise in communications of all kinds, and are starting to invest more and more in networking and internet communications.

Expectations from you


South Wilts RAYNET UK expectations are not onerous, but will be expected to make yourself available for some training days or Community events throughout the year. See the Home Page for a list of recent events. These training days / events are important as it is where your skills will be developed in preparation for an emergency call.



Do I need an Amateur License?


No. You don’t need to have an amateur radio licence to join. (Although, Training to become a Radio Amateur can be given, if you are interested.)


South Wilts RAYNET will need various skills at an incident (and events), including; strategic planning, log keeping, using PMR radios and providing logistical support. These are some of the activities that a non-licensed Raynet UK member can do.


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