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About Us

RAYNET-UK is the UK’s national voluntary communications service, founded in 1953 to provide emergency communications for the East Coast Floods. 



RAYNET-UK volunteers provide additional safety communications for local fun runs, marathons, car rallies and a wide variety of events, whereby message passing, engineering skills and operational procedures can be tried and tested.


South Wilts Raynet-UK cover South Wiltshire, included the South half of Salisbury Plain. (North Wiltshire Raynet covering the remaining North half of the County.) We have assisted other Raynet groups with events in Counties bordering Wiltshire.

South Wiltshire RAYNET-UK are the first group in the country to utilise using WiFi technology to not only pass messages, but provide live stream video, secure telephone lines, live location tracking and much more.

We are not event marshals, but  we do provide secondary safety radio communication for the user service(s).

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