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The Communications Specialists

Welcome to South Wiltshire RAYNET - UK, 

A Salisbury based group affiliated with National RAYNET UK.


We provide communications in times of Emergency, but also support the local community in Charity Events, Training & Consultation.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Radio Comms

We have the capability to provide Fixed, Mobile & Portable Radio Communication Solutions tailored to your needs.

Event Control Services

We have a Trailer fitted out as a Control Room, which we can use to run Event Control for your event.

WiFi Meshing Equipment

With our new WiFi MESH Kit, we can extend a WiFi connection over a wide area, and provide cameras and IP Phones for event organisers.

GB7SP DMR Repeater

DMR is an open radio standard. It works much the same as a standard repeater, but it converts communication into a digital form and sends it via RF.

Training & Consultation  Services

We can provide Training & Consultation Services to Local Councils, Charities, or individuals  for all types of communications. 

Partnership Services

We also work and provide communications for Serve On Wessex 4x4 Response,  who have other equipment that can be used to support your event.

Events we have covered
The Amesbury Carnival


We have a long standing relationship with Amesbury Carnival, providing radio communications.

Salisbury Radio Partnership

Salisbury radio partnership .jpg

We are a proud member of The Salisbury Community Radio Partnership, a group of four charities that share resources and volunteers. We work closely with Serve On, who may be able to provide tents, lighting, generators and other equipment to your event.

The Partnership was formed as there was a need for 2 way VHF Communications within the city, and this could prove to be difficult. To find out more, go to the Partnership website.

Salisbury Community Radio Repeater (SALCOM) Sponsors


City of Salisbury Athletics and Running club are pleased to sponsor the Salisbury Community Radio Repeater. Providing communication to the volunteer sector. 


South Wiltshire RAYNET UK would like to thank the club on behalf of the Radio Partnership for their donation, and continued support.

Radio Partnership
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